The same reasons to why we wrap our vehicle or car however, to give us a better understanding and knowledge, the following are some of the key advantages of wrapping our bikes: 

Bike Vinyl Wrap

  1. Whenever you like to remove the vinyl wrap, you can basically apply heat then peel it off.
  2. It only takes few days to wrap your motor bike. You just need the appropriate tools and materials to get the task done accordingly.
  3. Protects the original paint against scratches, stone chips and abrasions and hence, protecting its resale value.
  4. Top-quality vinyl materials maintain its color and does not shrink or lift after you stretch and stick the film.
  5. You may wrap portions of your bike inside your home however, just make sure to maintain room temperature of 10 to 30 degrees Celsius.
  6. Vinyl films are typically compatible to any compound surfaces with the right application of heat.

The Process of Wrapping Motor Bike 

It takes real skills and years of experience to do this kind of task however, it is actually not rocket science. In addition to that, it also takes and for newbies, it could take several hours up to 20 to 30 hours just to wrap your motor bike. Here are the following steps in order to make vinyl wrapping simple and easy: 

Measure every part, every section and every compound that you’ll wrap. 

Once it is done, it is now time for you to select either a matte vinyl film or a gloss vinyl wrap, a carbon fiber vinyl film, or a brushed or an exotic vinyl film to use. A rule of thumb states that, it is better to have an excess than less wraps. 

Secure all tools you will need such as heat gun, 99 primer, rubbing alcohol, clean cloths, squeegee and of course, a vinyl film cutter. 

Prior to removing all impurities, you will have to take off all existing stickers first. Use the heat gun in order to hasten up the procedure. 

Afterwards, clean your motor bike free from impurities with the use of a rubbing alcohol and lint-free cloth. This includes also the backside. 

Apply the 99 primer on the back side and on curve surfaces. This adds more adhesive strength to your vinyl wrap when applied. 

Cut the vinyl film for every part of your motor bike that you will wrap. Make sure to have an allowance just in case. 

Press the applied wrap smoothly and gently with your fingers. When dealing with compound portions, begin pressing the vinyl film from the middle and cut it into four parts moving away towards to corners with equal tension distribution. 

Make sure there are no air bubbles in between and use the squeegee when pressing the edges. 

If you require to overlap seams, ensure that it is not beyond half of a centimeter. 

And finally, your vinyl wrap Denver may fold upon itself nonetheless, it is very normal. Just make sure you do not tear it when pulling the film backwards especially when there is a small piece.